Top 5 Romantic Destinations

Top 5 Romantic Destinations

When looking for a romantic destination I prefer to go for a less crowded city that gives a more intimate feeling but still has a ton of things to explore. Here are my top 5 romantic destinations that cover these basic for me.

P.S. there is one that not entirely covers this must for me but I couldn’t resist adding it on my list.

Romantic Italy

Italy is always making the list for a romantic destination and guess what…it’s on my list too. Italy is a semi-big country with a long history, no wonder you can find lots of historic places filled with charm that will make you feel like in a Disney story. Been so big I have to pick a couple of Italian cities as top romantic destinations.

  1. Bari. Bari is a south Italian coastal city. It is not packed with people, perfect for spending time with your loved one without the hassle of a big city. The historic labyrinthic center is to dye for, you don’t know when to expect a beautiful basilic or a charming little spot to dine in. Plus Bari has the perfect warm weather you can enjoy each season without dreading to go out for a romantic dinner or walk beside the Adriatic coast. Bari is the perfect city for the romantic couple who enjoys the feeling of walking through enchanting narrow alleys in historic centers and enjoy good food. This city is known for its focaccia, orecchiette and Tette delle Monache. A romantic city and good food for more than an economic price, what else can you ask for?
Bari, Italy Romantic Destinations
Bari, Italy
Bari, Italy Romantic Destinations
Bari, Italy

2. Cisternino. I don’t know what these south Italian cities have but they just get on my romantic side. Cisternino is another city from the region of Puglia I couldn’t stop awing every step. Cute whitewashed house with balconies tastefully decorated with colorful pink flowers, amazing scenery of the Itria Valley and amazing food. This makes this destination top for couples who enjoy sceneries. I cannot stress how beautiful it’s scenery, also you get a view of the famous Trulli from this Puglia region.

Cisternino, Italy Romantic Destinations
Cisternino, Italy
Cisternino, Italy Romantic Destination
Cisternino, Italy

3. Venice. Truth be told Venice is quite crowded for my taste when looking for romantic destinations. But with that special someone crossing the tiny bridges and admiring the Piazza of San Marco you will fall in love all over again. It’s whole vibe screams romance with couples embracing each other in the gondolas. This destination is suites couples who don’t mind expending a bit when it comes to romance. The price for a gondola ride is not cheap.

Venice, Italy Romantic Destination
Venice, Italy

Spain a Futuristic Romantic Destination

Spain is another European country that makes my list. It is especially known for its nightlife, charismatic people, and wine. But just like Italy Spain is a big country. You will see that not as homogenous as some might think. When it comes to romance I would have to pick one specific city that has touched my heart.

P.S. This is where I live now!

4. Valencia. This city has a perfect size. Not too big, not too small which makes it perfect for going around without feeling overwhelmed nor bored. Again, the weather is nice and you get to share some paella and delicious wine with your loved one. Plus it is a low-cost destination so you can go all out with your partner without a super high budget. Thanks to the Ciutat de les Arts i les Ciències Valencia is perfect for couples who like ancient cities with a futuristic modern twist.

Spain Romantic Destination
Valencia, Spain
Valencia, Spain Romantic Destinations
Valencia, Spain

Puerto Rico is a little island with a lot to offer. For those who love nature and adventures, this Caribbean island will steal you and your lover’s hearts.

Puerto Rico a Passionate Romantic Destination

5. San Juan has to be my top Carribean romantic city. Its ambiance is the perfect blend of romance and liveliness. Ever since I was little I dreamt about walking with my soulmate besides the ancient walls under the dimmed lights and stary night. Enjoy the night dining at the old San Juan and then head for some passionate salsa dancing with the locals. During the day San Juan has a lot to offer. Ideal for those who enjoy aquatic activities and prefer an active romantic destination as well.

Puerto Rico Romantic Destinations
San Juan, Puerto Rico
San Juan, Puerto Rico Romantic Destinations
San Juan, Puerto Rico

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  1. Looks like an amazing list to aspire to! Love the photos too!

  2. I enjoyed this very much… I think I can call myself a nomad now.. I pinned this for future reference.

  3. I totally agree with you about finding a place that’s less touristy for a romantic getaway! It can be hard to feel the romance when you’re surrounded by people! I would love to visit every spot on your list for a romantic weekend but especially Valencia! Walking along the ancient walls on a stary night sounds perfect to me!

  4. I love Italy! I’ve never gone with a partner but it looks like there are lots of amazing places to go to. I’ve never been to Puetro Rico tho! Funny note: London has an alley with umbrellas just like that in Camden Market!

    1. I know! I’ve been seeing a lot of those umbrellas! In Madrid, I think I saw them too.

  5. I love cities in South Italy as well. I went to a language school in Tropea for two weeks, that was quite romantic as well (the town, not going to school haha).

    1. hahah yes I can imagine! I’ve never heard of Tropea I’m going to check it out!

  6. Valencia sounds perfect! You’re spot on about going to a city that’s not too packed. Crowds are a romance killer.

    1. Yes, Valencia is a great Spanish city, not too big or crowded but it has a lot of things to do. I love it!

  7. There are some fantastic recommendations here! I agree that when looking for a romantic break it’s nice to get away from the crowds to a destination that is a little less touristy. I hope we’ll have the chance to visit your suggestions. Thanks for the great guide!

    Hannah |

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