Puerto Rico’s Top Westside Beaches

I’m happy to call Puerto Rico my home. It’s beautiful beaches and nature, welcoming people and exquisite food are the things I love the most. You will be surprised how much the island has to offer and the variety from one coast to another.

As if Puerto Rico wasn’t chilled back enough you will see the westside has an especially relaxed surfer kind of vibe. The westside beaches are definitely one of the best to enjoy some surf, windsurf and snorkel.

Here is a list of my top Puerto Rican westside beaches. What I love the most is that they are all unique and are apt for different kinds of activities.

5 Top Westside Beaches

Jobos BeachIsabela

Located in Isabela, this is my all-time favorite beach. Definitely my go-to for all occasions and a quick relaxing moment. It is well developed with “chinchorros“, surf shops, surf schools and most importantly is has amazingly clear water. It has a lot going on and a very coastal vibe characteristic of the westside with tropical music coming from all the “chinchorros“.

Puerto Rico's Top Westside Beaches

Jobos beach is a peculiar westside beach. Half of the beach has pretty good waves for surfing while the other half is protected by a rocky barrier that provides calm and shallow water.

Tip. Try a mojito or a traditional Pina Colada in the “chinchorros” accompanied by a typical puertorican surtido.

Puerto Rico's Top Westside Beaches
Puertorican fried “surtido” from Kai

Playa Pastillo- Isabela

A very different of the beaten path beach also located in Isabela. I discovered it thanks to google maps and some adventure time with my cousin. Our parents were surprised about our newly found beach. Apparently, in their time this was the it beach. Now it is a less crowded beach that provides beautiful scenery. Also good for surfing and enjoying some alone time.

Puerto Rico's Top Westside Beaches
Cavelike natural rock arc

Tip. Beware the currents and high tide!

Crash Boat- Aguadilla

The famous Crash Boat A.K.A Crash is Located in Aguadilla. Like many beaches after Hurricane Maria Crash Boat suffered a lot of destruction and it has changed a lot since then. Still, it is one of the top places to snorkel and relax on a sandy coast. The iconic boats are still there too as well as the ruins to jump-off and dive in the Atlantic Ocean.

Puerto Rico's Top Westside Beaches
Crash Boat’s famous fisher boats. The photo was taken a couple of months after Hurricane Maria, you can still see the damages then
Puerto Rico's Top Westside Beaches
Dock ruins from where people jump. Below you will find lively colorful fishes great for snorkeling.

Domes- Aguada

Domes is actually located in Aguada although many of us locals refer to it as being part of Rincon. This beach is one of the top beaches for surfing. It is no wonder why many surf tournaments take place in this strong wave beach. Because of this, I don’t recommend this beach for those interested in snorkeling and other water sports. Instead, relax in the sand under the warm weather while admiring the crashing waves.

Puerto Rico's Top Westside Beaches
Surf contest at Domes

Hint. Its name come from the giant dome located nearby.

Playa Sucia – Cabo Rojo

This beach located in Cabo Rojo is tough to get to but worth the visit. It is located on the furthest southwest side of Puerto Rico where you will get to enjoy the Carribean Sea. Enjoy the trip, the pink lagoon and think of it as a safari as it gets a bit bumpy. You’re probably thinking why I’m suggesting this far away hard to reach beach. Well, here you will find the famous rock bridge! Plus amazing views of the cliffs, it is breathtaking. I can’t stress enough how beautiful it is.
Don’t let the name put you off. It gets it from all the seaweed that sometimes borders the coast.

Puerto Rico's Top Westside Beaches
Rock bridge near Playa Sucia. Exploring on a cloudy day!
Puerto Rico's Top Westside Beaches
Near the Light House of Playa Sucia. P.S. this isn’t the actual beach, behind the rocky hill you will find it.

Just like a local I suggest renting a car to get to these beautiful beaches. A taxi or any other public transportation won’t be practical when discovering the island unless for example you plan on staying only in the old San Juan area. They are all easy to get to with a handy GPS. This way you can enjoy the beach at your own pace and take advantage of the liberty to explore the road.
Also, sadly some beaches have no garbage containers especially the off the beaten path ones. Please remember to bring a bag to keep nature clean and happy.

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Puerto Ricos Top Westside Beaches

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  1. It is freezing cold today, so this looks amazing right now!! I wasn’t aware of some of the beaches, so this will be really helpful when we’re able to visit. Thanks so much for the tips & hints!

  2. Gorgeous beaches! I’ve been to Puerto Rico twice and loved everything about it! The beaches, food and people are all amazing. I hope to go back one day! 😁

    1. That is so nice to hear. I’m glad you had a good time in PR.

  3. These beaches look amazing! There’s nothing better than visiting a beach. Plus, it’s SUPER cold where I am today, so I’m definitely thinking these warm thoughts. 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

    1. ohh sorry for the late reply, I’m in Valencia and thankfully these days the weather has being amazing..still not apt for the beach. I can’t wait for the summer!

  4. I’ve been dreaming of visiting Puerto Rico – thanks for this inspiration! Love your pics

  5. These beaches look divine. Exactly what I needed on a cold UK morning. Take me to the beach immediately please

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