About How I travel

I always knew I loved to travel, but I didn’t know how much traveling would change my life. Even though everyone says it changes you, who really listens at a young age? For me studying abroad in Madrid was my game changer. After spending months exploring Spain and traveling Europe how could I go back and start working the typical 8am-6pm hours? I wasn’t happy at all! Finally I decided to leave my traditional job, packed my bags and started my travels again.  

I not only got the travel bug but also became more conscious of our fragile world. Here I hope you can find answers, inspiration, and tips on how to travel responsibly!

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Countries Visited
Bucket List
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Bucket List

                                         Bucket list

  • Spain                                        • Croatia
  • Portugal                                    • Grece
  • Italy                                          • Russia
  • France                                      • India
  • London                                     • Thailand
  • Denmark                                  • Japan
  • Ireland                                     • China
  • Germany                                  • Colombia
  • Romania                                  • Belize
  • Morroco                                   • Brazil
  • Costa Rica                                 • Australia
  • Panama                                      • Madagascar
  • Mexico                                       • South Africa
  • Dominican Republic                    • Norway
  • Other Carribean Islands              • Budapest
  • Canada                                     • Jordania
  • USA (some states)                      • Egypt
  • Libano                                       • Jamaica