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Hi, I’m Yinaira! I’m the voice behinds the tips. I’m a traveler, lover of adventures and cultures. I’ve always loved traveling thanks to my parents who started showing me the world at a young age.  Adulthood came and I wanted to explore more places. Sometimes alone, with friends and of course my parents. Unfortunately with adulthood also came responsibilities, bills, dreadful jobs, and what else. 

 I decided to take matters in my hands and change my life course. I wasn’t going to stop enjoying what I loved most! I ditched my job and packed my bags! Now you are probably wondering how I still travel if like a crazy person I left my job. Well, now I work as an ESL online teacher which is great for traveling. But it doesn’t stop there! Go ahead, read my tips and I’ll show you how I travel. 


Quick + HElpful

My tips and details of my travels

After friends, family and intrigued people asking me how I travel I decided to put my adventures in “paper” . Here you will find tips on how to travel on a budget, how to stay safe when traveling solo and other quick and helpfull details I have learned from traveling. Hopefully, you can find some inspiration and pack your bag. Because you belong abroad!