Hi, I’m Yinaira! I’m the voice behinds the tips. I’m a traveler, lover of adventures and cultures. I’ve always loved traveling thanks to my parents who started showing me the world at a young age.  Adulthood came and I wanted to explore more places. Sometimes alone, with friends and of course my parents.

My adventure has just begun and although I have crossed some Bucket List places there is more to go. Join me on my journey of discovering our amazing world. Get my insight as I learn and grow from my adventure’s success and mistakes.

I love traveling and exploring new places that usually contribute to our environment. But I know sometimes we just don’t have the means or time to pack our bags and travel. With My Nomad Tips, I want to give you some tools so you can live the adventures you want and deserve!

My tips and details of my travels
After friends, family and intrigued people asking me how I travel I decided to put my adventures in “paper” . Here you will find tips on how to travel and where to travel, how to stay safe when traveling solo and other quick and helpfull details I have learned from traveling and living abroad. Hopefully, you can find some inspiration and pack your bag. Because you belong abroad!

― Paulo Coelho, The Pilgrimage

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

Where are you from?​
I think I already answered this but I like saying it. I am from the westside of Puerto Rico.

Are you an American, do you have a USA passport?
I am not going to get into politics. But for the sake of clarifying yes I do. That is why I write about how to move to Spain from the US. Since the legal aspect of it are the same for a Puerto Rican as a USA citizen. This is unless the Puerto Rican has dual citizenship and can apply for a Spanish passport.

Are you working in Spain?
Yes and no, I am working from home as an english teacher. I work for two online companies based in China. Technically I work from Spain

Did you study to be a teacher?
No, I have a B.A. in sociology, a masters in Social Work and specialization in Gender Studies. But I always loved education and I know it was I wanted to do. Don’t ask me why I studied so much other fields. It is something I ask myself constantly.

Which country do you loved most visiting?
It is really hard to decide. I fell in love with Costa Rica and Italy because of the food. But then places like Ireland and Denmark for me are just beautiful to look at and I had the best time there too. Morocco, on the other hand, changed me. It made me stronger I think and resilient I faced many challenges there and I love it for that.

Do you speak spanish?
Yes, I speak Spanish since I am from Puerto Rico, I am bilingual . I also speak a bit of Italian. Well, at least I like to think I do.